Salt FM Online is the Ghana Radio Station for Global Ghana Community and that also covers World News.

For over a decade Salt Media GH has been providing Internet broadcasting services which include streaming, web hosting, custom mobile apps and consulting services for AM and FM radio stations, broadcast networks, recording artists, college radio stations and thousands of independent content creators who use Internet radio to reach their unique markets worldwide.

As with any successful company it is all about the people. Our consulting team includes Jim LaMarca who managed Jones Radio Networks which was one of the largest radio syndication companies in America with over 5000 stations before it was aquired by Dial Global/Westwood One. Walter Powers, our VP client services was operations director for Bonneville Broadcasting and brings decades of experience in radio operations and nationally syndicated programming while providing outstanding personal service for our clients. National format consultant Ken Moultrie was program director for Broadcast Programming and also involved in the development, launch and management of several highly successful syndicated radio programs including Delilah, Lia, Alan Kabel, Bill Cody’s Classic Country Weekend and others. Ron Erak also serves on our consulting team and is a digital media entrepreneur with over thirty years of radio experience. He founded Salt Media GH in 2007, prior to that owned a successful jingle company and was one of the first air talents on Sirius Satellite Radio.

Salt Media GH is focused on providing complete services for your broadcast radio technology, whether it is for studios or software, installation, training and managed services. Broadcast Radio services are available to cover all your needs to offer a complete solution for radio at all levels. Many of us at Salt Media GH have decades of experience in broadcast radio (both in-front and behind the mic) so we not only understand the technology, we understand how radio works and thus how technology needs to work.

Salt Media GH utilizes the latest streaming technologies with servers spread across diverse world class data centers using multi-homed bandwidth from NTT Communications, Level 3, AT&T, Comcast and others. Our customers and their listeners enjoy premium quality, dedicated bandwidth resulting in superb uptime, extraordinarily high performance and unparalleled reliability.

Today our customers can reach their audiences around the globe through many platforms including internet radios, smart speakers, Alexa, Google Home, Apple TV, Roku, Tune-In radio, car radios, iOS, Android and thousands of other streaming devices making their content ubiquitous through the Internet of things.

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