Renowned international evangelist, Dr Lawrence Tetteh has rejected negative claims about oral sex. According to the man of God, oral sex is ok as long as it provides satisfaction for both parties. Many are the things that spice up one’s sex life but most couples have little or no knowledge about such skills. There are […]

Sometime ago, I posted on my Facebook wall that I wanted a description of love. A number of people recommended love poems to me. What they did not know was that I did not a writer’s exaggerated conception about love. I wanted a description of love from the natural place. It so happens that each […]

Duvet XPERIENCE organizers have announced that the adults-only event will observe a strict no photography and no live telecast policy. Ms Nancy, who will be hosting guests at the exclusive lovers’ night rendezvous stated that, the event is opened to all adults, singles or not. “There will be a lot of give-aways and erotic surprises […]

A lady has mounted a spirited defense for her decision to marry her step dad who divorced her mother some months ago for accusing him of dating the elder sister of his new bride insisting there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Whereas some close relations described her conduct as a sacrilege, the lady in […]

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